Get Involved: Utah Lake Fish Forum

The Utah Lake Fish Forum was formed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program in the fall of 2008 to address the need for increased public involvement and awareness regarding the future of the fish community of Utah Lake.

The Forum is working to inform Utah Lake users and develop proposals  to meet the dual goals of developing a successful Utah Lake fishery while supporting the recovery of the June sucker.

These two goals may seem at odds, but are actually quite complimentary. Increasing the recreational value of Utah Lake to all users provides awareness and support for habitat preservation and restoration beneficial to the fish community, anglers, birdwatchers, and other recreational users.

The Forum meets periodically to review areas of interest, such as access, sportfish populations, Recovery Program efforts, fishing regulations and purposed policies. Such valuable interactions would not be possible without the dedication of the ULFF’s members whom represent numerous angling groups, conservation organizations and state agencies.

If you would like to learn more about the Forum call Chris Crockett at (801) 491-5655 or email him at